3 Key Features Of An Old Florida-Style Camping RV Park

When you seek a camping experience in your RV, you will often come across a wide range of paved areas and glorified parking lots. If you want more of a rustic vibe at a waterfront RV park, then you should consider staying at an old Florida-style camping RV park.

The RV parks include a wide range of features that connect you more to nature and provide a hidden gem among so many modern parks. Check out some of the key features and ways to change up your camping experience.

1. Gravel & Dirt Roads

Instead of paved areas and cement parking spots, a rustic waterfront recreational vehicle park will often include gravel and dirt roads. The roads fit seamlessly into the elements and provide you with a closer connection to nature. Each campsite doesn't feel so modernized and you do not need to worry about excess heat that absorbs into paved areas.

2. Natural Landscaped Campsites

Along with the unpaved areas, the campsites will include a lot of natural landscaping to separate the sites. The natural landscaping adds more privacy and will showcase the vintage appeal of the campground. For example, many of the Florida campsites will include Magnolia trees and other trees.

The trees can provide nice views and great natural scents in the air. The trees will also provide you with a lot of shade. You will not need to worry about running fans or air conditioners as much in your RV.

3. Open Beach Options

When you stay at a rustic beach resort, you will have a lot of open beach options. For example, a Florida-style RV park may include an open pet policy on the beach. The policy allows you to let your pets roam freely on the beach and explore the open sands or waters. Your pets can interact with other pets.

The beach or camp areas may also include large fire pits. The fire pits allow multiple campers to come and enjoy a large fire together. The community-based activity gives you the chance to socialize with others, meet new people, and really enjoy the outdoors with a sense of community.

At Florida campgrounds, the large fire pits often sit directly on the beach. At nightfall, a staff member may help start the fire and provide wood for everyone to use.

Check out some of the rustic campgrounds to see everything they have to offer. Along with a classic camp experience, they will still offer modern features like laundry services, bathrooms, and showers. For more information, contact a waterfront RV park near you.