4 Things To Know About A Camper Van Rental

Renting a camper van is a fun idea for a family vacation, a music festival, the nomad lifestyle, or a drive around the country. If you can't go camping very often, then renting a camper van makes more sense than buying one and paying to park it in storage. Rental companies vary in their policies, so you'll want to get as much information as you can about your camper van rental before you make your reservation. Here are some details about camper van rentals you might need to know. 

Make Your Reservations Early

Camper vans are rented out quickly during peak vacation season or during popular festivals. Make sure you have a reservation for your van before planning the rest of your trip and buying plane tickets. If the vans are all booked, you may need to make other arrangements. However, you may want to keep checking rental companies until the last minute in case they get a cancellation.

Learn What's Required For The Rental

You may need to be a certain age to rent a camper van. If there will be more than one driver, all will need to meet the age limit and have valid driving licenses. In addition, all drivers will probably need to be present when the van is picked up. You may also need to rent the van with a credit card. A debit card may not be accepted. The person who owns the credit card will probably be considered the primary driver and be the one responsible for the van.

You'll Probably Need To Add Insurance

Even if your automobile insurance usually provides coverage for rental cars, they may not insure camper van rentals. You'll want to verify this with your insurance carrier so you're prepared to add the cost of daily insurance to your rental van. The rental company will provide the insurance, and you pay at a daily rate that varies with the amount of insurance you get.

You May Pay For Mileage

Your camper van rental may not come with unlimited mileage. You might get a certain number of free miles, and then you'll need to pay. If you're planning on driving a lot, you should find out about the mileage upfront. The mileage rate might add quite a bit to your cost if you plan on doing a lot of driving. If you're going to a local state park or music festival, you may not exceed the daily limit and not have any extra fees for mileage.

Contact a local camper van rental service to learn more.